My mother always told me…”Don’t bother doing anything unless you do it right.” Well, I don’t disagree. However, I prefer to modify that statement…”Don’t bother doing anything unless you have fun doing it.” I believe that I do both…I have fun while doing it right.

“I do have fun with architecture. I enjoy designing. From the fireplace bin, wood scrap skyscrapers of my childhood through the many tree houses of adolescence to the residential, commercial and industrial buildings of today, I simply like to design.” Scott Virtue

At Virtue Architects, our goal is to provide design experience through personal service. We simply cannot design without the most important part of the project…client input. Our job is to take your needs, desires and dreams and turn them into reality. We do that one step at a time. From early programming and design development through working drawings and construction review. We are your architect and advocate from start to finish.

We have 20 years of experience in the design-build industry and enjoy good working relationships with a wide variety of professionals. We work with the best civil, structural and mechanical engineers in the business, as well as, seasoned contractors and construction vendors.

“Architecture is not created by individuals. The genius sketch … is a myth. Architecture is made by a team of committed people who work together, and in fact, success usually has more to do with dumb determination than with genius.” Joshua Prince-Ramus, Partner, Office for Metropolitan Architecture

We are NCARB Certified and currently licensed in Indiana and Illinois. However, projects in most states require a simple process of reciprocity to acquire a license. We are located in the DuneLand Community of N.W. Indiana on the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Our office is midway between Chicago’s downtown Loop to the West and the Golden Dome of Notre Dame to the East.

Consider Virtue Architects as your team captain. Big or small, we will pull all the needed resources together for the successful completion of your building project. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking through a completed project with an excited and proud client. We are only a phone call or email away and will be happy to sit down with you for a free initial assessment of your project.

Good design doesn’t cost, but it pays.
Richard H. Driehaus, Chicago Money Manager and Philanthropist