Architect/Owner at Virtue Architects

July 2010 – Present

Scott worked continuously in the architectural profession from 1984 through 2005. He developed from a graduate architect to managing the architectural division of a large design-build construction company.
In 2006, he continued working in the architectural field as a self-employed consultant while building a residential management company.
In 2010, Scott decided to expand his consulting business into a full-time architectural design firm, Virtue Architects. “Our goal at Virtue Architects is to provide our clients with experienced design capabilities through personal service”.

Chief Architect at Chester, Inc.

September 1988 – September 2005 (17 years)

Scott worked his way up from a graduate architect to the Chief Architect in charge of Chester, Inc’s architectural division. He directly managed a 1/2 dozen people at any given time over the years while coordinating efforts with company management and construction personnel. Scott has designed literally hundreds of buildings over the past 25 years. They include residential, commercial and industrial projects.


University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Bachelor of Architecture, Architecture

1979 – 1984 (5-year degree)

Being a native of West Virginia, Scott enjoyed many weekend trips to the Smokey Mountains. Those trips included; camping, hiking, rappelling and skiing, to name just a few. “Connecting with nature can be very spiritual”.

Activities and Societies: Scott spent most of his time in the design lab. Studying, designing and preparing for design presentations. All the while, enjoying the camaraderie with his fellow students and professors. One of Scott’s favorite classes was Architectural History. Scott also worked as a photographer on the riverboat cruises at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN.


Weston & Virtue Contracting, Inc.

1975 – 1982 (summer breaks & holidays)

Scott likes to say that he “grew up in the construction business” and, in fact, he did. His father, Paul, owned his own construction company, focusing primarily on residential and small commercial projects. Scott was given the opportunity to view all the trades from a young and impressionable age. He learned that no matter how much schooling one has (something his father always stressed), it’s the guys in the field that get the job done. He never lost that respect for those in the construction industry. Scott’s as comfortable on the job site as he is in the board room. It should come as no surprise that Scott has spent 20 years of his career in the design-build industry.